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Case Studies | A Large Retailer

The largest mail order, retail and internet outfitter of hunting, fishing, camping and outdoor gear in the world


Partnering with a large retailer to help employees get healthier while meeting logistic and quality goals. In 2013, the largest mail order, retail and internet outfitter of hunting, fishing, camping and outdoor gear in the world partnered with Integrated Health 21 and another vendor to manage its wellness platform. With over 5,000 employees in 72 locations and 31 states, the retailer needed an experienced team to meet the challenge of a four week timeframe, while implementing new measures to increase data accuracy and privacy. Exceptional results in 2013 led to a continued partnership in 2014 to target additional goals.

The retailer considers its employees its most valuable asset and provides them with a progressive health and employee wellness program to help them thrive. The company uses proven tactics to help improve health care outcomes, such as using biometric data to reveal each employee’s critical health metrics, and offering an incentive program to help them meet specific wellness goals. All eligible full-time employees enrolled in health benefits have access to an array of personal wellness tools and counseling services offered through its wellness program.

As a vendor for a national health care plan, Integrated Health 21 was chosen to facilitate onsite biometric health screens including measured height/weight, blood pressure reading, full lipid, blood sugar and cotinine measurements. We delivered onsite health screens and collected blood work by venipuncture method. Lab vouchers and Physician Derived Results were made available to employees unable to attend the onsite screens.

To make it easy for employees to access vouchers and information about the retailer’s wellness program, Integrated Health 21 provided customized portal and paper registration for the company. A toll free number was also provided to employees to access services without requiring an internet connection.

Integrated Health 21 also worked with the retailer to provide employees with basic information regarding the retailer’s customized wellness rewards program. Screening staff explained basic screening results and actions to improve health. Completion of the health screen fulfilled one of the wellness program requirements that encouraged employees to reach 100 points in order to qualify for incentives. Additional ways to accrue points included speaking to a Health Coach, setting a goal and making progress towards the goal, receiving a preventative exam, and participating in a walking program or Biggest Loser Challenge.

Year one logistical and participation results:


Over a four week period in 2013, we successfully screened 4,300 employees. Integrated Health 21 account management team worked closely with the retailer and their insurance carrier to plan a successful screening at all of the retailers locations. To ensure all screening events were closely managed, a dedicated management team called each location two weeks prior to the screening event to finalize participation estimates, and make necessary adjustments. Subsequent calls were made again in five days and then again two days prior to the screen to ensure engagement in the program.

Year two of our partnership introduced additional goals.

In 2014, in addition to biometric screening, Integrated Health 21 increased efficiency at registration, providing a method of reducing onsite paperwork, improved data accuracy and added privacy.

Year two result highlights.

Integrated Health 21 successfully met all goals. A barcode system was implemented enabling the employee demographics to be pre-populated onto the barcode. At onsite registration, employee names and matching barcodes were verified and affixed to all paperwork. Integrated Health 21 staff were trained to ensure the barcode system was implemented properly. As a result, we had flawless data to upload to the retailer’s health plan.

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