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Case Studies | A Supermarket Chain

Screening teams support Grocer’s award-winning wellness program.


Participation increases to 60%, metabolic syndrome decreases 50%.

In 2011, one of the 40 largest privately-held and family-operated companies in the U.S., a supermarket chain that employs 36,000 people in nearly 400 locations across four mid-Atlantic states, chose Integrated Health 21 to be a vital part in planning its wellness program. Since that time, our account management team, screening teams and logistical team have partnered to plan, promote and implement the program, achieving outstanding results.

In 2012, the Healthiest Employer Award was given to the supermarket chain in recognition of the quality, effectiveness and overall commitment to health as evidenced in its corporate wellness program. The wellness program provides team members and their families with the tools, support and environment to live healthy, balanced lives. Over the past three years, the wellness program has grown from a participation-focused wellness screen to an incentive-based screen, making communication, data collection and data management even more integral to the success of the program.

Integrated Health 21 has consistently played a vital role in supporting the grocer’s wellness program. In 2011, our dedicated account management team assisted the supermarket chain in the wellness planning process. Regular meetings with the grocer’s wellness committee and insurance carrier ensured a well-executed plan was in place for all the components in the delivery of biometric screens, communications, data collection and follow up.

The supermarket chain asked Integrated Health 21 to spearhead the biometric screening portion of the wellness program, offering complete testing for diabetes, heart disease and metabolic syndrome, while increasing efficiency at screening. We provided our screening staff with detailed training so they could provide immediate feedback to employees. Members not meeting the required criteria at screening were given the option to participate in a Live Healthy program such as smoking cessation, physical activity and weight loss challenges, health coaching, and diabetes management. By participating in these programs, employees were still able to qualify for the incentive.

After a careful screening process, we were also selected to service as the biometric screen for the grocer’s union team members. Additional components were selected and all data was seamlessly tracked for each entity and aggregate data was provided.

As an option to the onsite biometric health screen, Integrated Health 21 provided an alternative called Physician Derived Results (PDR). If participants missed their local screenings, recently had their biometric measurements taken, or simply prefer their physician’s office setting, the PDR enables them to fulfill their wellness program results at their convenience. A custom website for registration and access to a downloadable form was provided. Our customer service department was also available to assist in the PDR registration process.

In addition to requiring employees to complete the biometric screen, the grocer also encouraged employees to complete a Health Risk Appraisal (HRA). We assisted this process by providing staffing and laptops at the screen so employees could conveniently complete the HRA.

Logistical Challenges:

Our logistical team worked directly with the grocer and their insurance provider to provide an efficient mobilization of screening teams to all locations. Integrated Health 21 coordinated schedules with the grocer that were convenient for each location and in 2013, seamlessly completed 353 health screening clinics over 11 weeks, including the convenience stores/gas stations with as little as 5-20 employees. Team leads conducted planning calls with each location to finalize logistical details to ensure every component of the onsite screen setup, registration and execution was discussed.


The grocer reported that more than 60 percent of team members participate in at least one aspect of the grocer’s wellness program. Since 2011, Integrated Health 21 has successfully screened over 45,000 employees.

12-week risk reduction program for metabolic syndrome results in 50% decrease.

For team members meeting the criteria for being at risk for metabolic syndrome, we coordinated with a third party vendor selected by the grocer to deliver a 12-week risk reduction program. Integrated Health 21 ensured HIPAA and privacy compliance and then provided the necessary data exchange. We partnered with the grocer to communicate program information and encourage participation. In 2012, 768 employees were identified as having metabolic syndrome. Each participant had a repeat biometric screen in 2013 and 2014. There were dramatic improvements where the 768 with metabolic syndrome decreased to 392, a decrease of approximately 50% by 2013.

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