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Coordinated health management programs and services


Integrated Health 21 is a national provider of coordinated health management programs and services that offer a variety of valuable services addressing health management goals from identifying health risks, to educating on prevention and self-care that moves people toward healthier lifestyles and better management of chronic conditions.

Founded in 2008, Integrated Health 21serves clients of all sizes across the United States. Our programs are customizable and provide a full range of options, from a tailored selection to full turnkey programs and excellent client service. Services are provided by a multi-disciplinary team of health professionals that specialize in health promotion.

We offer a full suite of programs and services:


Health Management Services


Educational/Awareness Programs


Flu Clinics


First Aid/CPR Courses


Integrated Health 21 will work with you to develop a customized health management program that will not only impact your employee’s health and well-being, but also help you manage rising health care costs.

Integrated Health