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If you are an employer, a partnership with us makes sense

We’ll help you build a healthy workforce by integrating comprehensive wellness programs with incentive management. Through our customized strategic solutions, you’ll be able to manage risk, improve employee health and control future health care costs.

Health Risk & Well-being

Integrated Health 21 hires only highly qualified professionals to manage screenings and attend to all the details.

Our project team outlines the comprehensive planning process, details federal and state regulatory compliance, prepares a screening layout, and assigns screening staff using a multidisplinary group of health professionals from Integrated Health 21 and partner agencies. All personnel are trained to meet Integrated Health 21’s exacting standards of technical and professional skills throughout the project period.

Privacy & Confidentiality

Protecting health information (PHI) is a primary concern for Integrated Health 21. Integrated Health 21 has systems in place to ensure employee and client data is secure, private and remains confidential. Integrated Health 21 is also required by state and federal laws to protect the confidentiality of health information and maintains processes to meet HIPAA, Privacy and Security rules.

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Data Security

Integrated Health 21 employs a data team experienced in providing secure data transmissions to third parties such as health plans, benefit administrators and other wellness providers. Our processes include downloading member eligibility files to ensure member matching, incentive tracking management and data analysis.

Managing Your Employee Data

Health care management systems use Integrated Health 21’s biometric screening results within their sophisticated forecasting tools to determine return on investment for their own clients.

Companies receive aggregate reports highlighting participation and percentages of employees at risk for hyperlipidemia, hypertension, type 2 diabetes, and other specific health issues such as obesity and smoking behavior. Clients can then request follow–up services, including diabetes and cardiovascular risk factor management, weight management and nutrition programs, walking incentive programs, as well as individual online health tracking and more.

Why partner with Integrated Health 21?

Integrated Corporate Health is changing the way employers think about health care benefits and corporate wellness programs. There’s never been a better time to partner with Integrated Health 21. After all, health risk is not always apparent on the outside.

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