Flu and COVID-19 Vaccines are Available!

Schedule an appointment today at the IH21 Pittsburgh Preventative Care Clinic. (800) 451-6889

Flu  and COVID-19 Vaccines are Available!

Schedule an appointment today at the Pittsburgh IH21 Preventative Care Clinic.
(800) 451-6889

Health Coaching

With the guidance and clinical oversight of our certified health coaches, participants can engage in a health coaching regimen that is evidence based and individualized. Our multidisciplinary team of coaches allow participants access to an expansive panel of experts from which they can choose to work with. During these programs, participants can expect to define personal health goals, identify barriers, and develop tools to be successful.

What Does a Health Coach Provide?


Personal Assessment


Individualized Plan







Integrated Health 21’s Lifestyle Management Coaching targets the development of healthy behaviors, the elimination of unhealthy behaviors and the reduction of health risks within the following categories:

  • Lifestyle behaviors (healthy eating, physical activity, sleep, stress management, tobacco cessation, and weight management)
  • Health measures (high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, weight and pre-diabetes)

Our health coaches provide the best-practice health education and coaching to support the overall health and well-being of each patient.

Engagement presentation
Promotional/marketing materials
Educational materials & literature
Diet and exercise trackers
Employer reports and satisfaction survey
6 or 12 week sessions available
Hourly sessions available

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