Flu and COVID-19 Vaccines are Available!

Schedule an appointment today at the IH21 Pittsburgh Preventative Care Clinic. (800) 451-6889

Flu  and COVID-19 Vaccines are Available!

Schedule an appointment today at the Pittsburgh IH21 Preventative Care Clinic.
(800) 451-6889

Biometric Screenings

Integrated Health 21 is a national biometric screening company.

Biometric health screenings are an important component of a comprehensive health management program. Health screenings help employees learn about their current health status and identify health risks and disease conditions that could lead to illness and serious disease. While some employees may know areas of their health that can be improved, many employees don’t even know their health is at risk.


IH21 provides both fingerstick and venipuncture options through our staff network of clinical professionals with a comprehensive, national footprint. 


Participants receive a lab voucher or lab kit to take to one of IH21’s national lab partners.


Participants receive a packet to take to their Health Care Provider. The results are returned to IH21 for credit and reporting. 


Participants request a kit to complete the screening at home. 

Easy Scheduling and Reporting

  • Integrated Health 21 provides a secure customizable online scheduling system that is mobile friendly, SOC II and HiTrust compliant, and allows for real time review of results with the ability to share results with healthcare providers
  • Comprehensive Wellness Platform 

Integrated Health 21 staffs your onsite events, securely sets up and manages your offsite screening programs, and safely handles employee data as required by state and federal laws to meet HIPPA, SOC II, and HiTrust requirements.

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