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Integrated Health 21 knows you are concerned about the health and well-being of your members and the importance of successful wellness initiatives for your members. We integrate seamlessly with health plans to deliver efficient and professional health screenings. You can trust that we will represent you well and deliver a quality program to your members.

Integrated Health 21 offers complete program management with a dedicated account manager, a state of the art online scheduling system to drive employee participation and a multi-disciplined clinical staff to deliver our programs. Each member of Integrated Health 21’s team is trained to meet our exacting standards of technical and professional skills, and shares our passion for delivering excellent service through every program phase and point of contact.


Integrated Health 21 offers a secure technology platform that delivers fast, accurate data. We have established data integration formats and processes with health plans and ensures that all data gets leveraged by all stakeholders in a timely manner. We handle all data management and third-party data integration, along with all participant and employer-level reporting.

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