Flu and COVID-19 Vaccines are Available!

Schedule an appointment today at the IH21 Pittsburgh Preventative Care Clinic. (800) 451-6889

Flu  and COVID-19 Vaccines are Available!

Schedule an appointment today at the Pittsburgh IH21 Preventative Care Clinic.
(800) 451-6889

Comprehensive Wellness Platform

Integrated Health 21 provides a comprehensive wellness platform that provides and offers customizable online scheduling, data analysis, health risk stratification, real time review of results with the ability to share results with healthcare providers, and health messaging provided daily, weekly, and monthly in print, audio, and video formats.

Comprehensive Wellness Platform Features


The online Health Risk Assessment (HRA) combines licensed algorithms, extensive design, and usability studies to produce industry leading completion rates.


Biometric results are available to participants via the platform. The participants will receive an additional notification when results are ready to be viewed with options to share with healthcare providers.


The education center offers year-round access to personalized learning programs and tools.  Personalized health education units are assigned based on HRA answers and screening results.


Coaching sessions are one-on-one and may be onsite, online, or telephonic and are completely customized to their specific area of interest and individual needs.  Coaching sessions are reported in real time and can be tied to wellness programs and incentive tracking.


IH21 provides assistance with design, administrative oversight and incentive tracking and reporting for participants.


Inbound Single Sign On (SSO) is available.


Mobile friendly with a mobile app accessible to employees to access food logs, activity trackers, and wellness resources.


Scheduled and custom reporting, with access to a manager dashboard for real-time event progress.

Wellness Dashboard

Wellness Dashboard
  • Health and Wellness Resources and Education Programs
  • Wellness Challenges
  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Incentive Tracking
  • Health Coaching Integration
  • Single Sign-On Capabilities
  • Marketing Templates to promote Wellness and Screenings
  • Customer Service Response and Support
  • Device Integration
  • Mobile Friendly


Scheduler Dashboard
  • Registration Scheduler
  • Classroom scheduling capabilities with waitlist queueing
  • Manager dashboard for real-time event progress
  • Lab Management
  • Broadcast email/ text capabilities
  • Capability to offer optional and buy up test options for participants to choose
  • Scheduled Reporting

Online Results

Online Results Dashboard
  • Online results
  • Downloadable results
  • Ability to upload historical data
  • Real time data capture from onsite events
  • Track you data
  • Downloadable self-care resources
  • Ask a Health Coach integration
  • Ability to send results to personal physician

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