Flu and COVID-19 Vaccines are Available!

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Flu  and COVID-19 Vaccines are Available!

Schedule an appointment today at the Pittsburgh IH21 Preventative Care Clinic.
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Integrated Health 21, LLC Acquires Health Fitness Concepts, RN, LLC

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IH21 Acquires Health Fitness Concepts, RN, LLC

Acquisition further expands the service delivery into the Northeast region. 

PITTSBURGH, PA., June 30, 2023 – Integrated Health 21, LLC (IH21) announced today that is has acquired the assets of Health Fitness Concepts RN, LLC (HFC), a New York-based company with a long history of providing health screenings, immunizations, and wellness services. This follows IH21’s previous acquisitions of Fitness Essentials, LLC in August of 2022 and the wellness operations of Healics, Inc. in December of 2022.

HFC was founded in 1985 and built a strong reputation over the years for nurse-driven services and the effective delivery of wellness programming.

“This is an excellent opportunity to merge HFC with Integrated Health 21 and gain their clinical capabilities and regional client base as we further expand our business throughout the Northeast” said Liz Sullivan, President/CEO of Integrated Health 21.

“We are excited about this next phase for Health Fitness Concepts RN, LLC (HFC). The strategic decision to join forces with IH21 was to create a best in class wellness service provider. Our mutual commitment to customer service, with over 50 years combined experience in the delivery of wellness services and enhancements to our service menu will benefit our current and future clients for years to come. I am proud of the positive impact HFC has had on the hundreds of thousands of individuals we have served over the years, and am excited to join Liz and her team as we embark on this next chapter as the Northeast Division of IH21,” Kathy Freeman, Founder and CEO of Health Fitness Concepts RN, LLC.

About Integrated Health 21, LLC

Integrated Health 21, LLC is a solutions-based wellness and clinical services company with a reputation for quality care and superior customer service. IH21 has its corporate office and clinic in Pittsburgh, Pa., and its Midwest Division office in Milwaukee, WI, where it executes contracts with insurance companies, along with individual corporations and institutions.

Integrated Health 21 is a portfolio company of Tomayko Group Holdings, Inc. (TGH). TGH is an investment and consulting company specializing in health care with a concentration in preventative health and wellness services. For more information, please visit tomaykogroup.com.

About Health Fitness Concepts RN, LCC:

About Health Fitness Concepts RN, LCC: Health Fitness Concepts (HFC) serves hundreds of companies, orchestrating over 1,000 events; screening, educating, and inoculating over 50,000 people annually. HFC has maintained its position in the wellness industry through its flexibility in program design and delivery, commitment to quality and customer satisfaction and ability to cater to both large and small employers.

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