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Education Awareness Programs

Individuals who are aware of the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle and are educated with current health risk information tend to take more responsibility for their own health.  Educational programs are customizable and available in a number of formats including educational seminars, cooking classes, health fairs, and tabletop displays.

 Integrated Health 21 educational programs provide credible information considering current research and emerging trends in wellness and prevention with a focus on cardiovascular health, nutrition, exercise, safety and behavior modification.  Programs are provided by a select team of accomplished registered nurses, registered dietitians, exercise physiologists and health educators using an interactive, structured approach to disease prevention, nutrition/ fitness education and stress management.

Our Educational /Awareness Programs include:


Educational Awareness Seminars

Educational Seminars

Educational seminars are interactive and designed to present an informative practical path to achieving optimal health. Many employers choose to offer educational seminars at lunchtime when employees can bring their lunch. Seminars can be held in conjunction with a health screen or on a stand-alone basis. Conducted by qualified health professionals, seminars are typically one (1) hour in duration including questions and answer session and are available onsite or via webinar.


Health Fairs

Health Fairs are an interactive event designed to provide participants with a snapshot of their health along with valuable health education on prevention and wellness. ICH’s Health Fairs provide participants with an opportunity to meet with a variety of health professionals, participate in non-invasive screenings, and obtain valuable health information.



Educational Displays

ICH provides tabletop displays to promote awareness and health and wellness information designed to either complement a health fair or screening event; support a “National Health Awareness Month” topic, (such as National Nutrition month in May or Heart Health Month in February); or target an organizations’ specific health goals.


Health Coaching

Health Coaching Programs provide awareness, education and support for individuals with risk factors, such as tobacco use, obesity, high blood pressure and high stress who are working toward better health. ICH offers individualized one on one consultation or group programs that can be in form of a brief format, a full consultation or extend to a full coaching model.


Tobacco Cessation

Tobacco Cessation programs give employees the opportunity to make a significant impact on their health.


Fitness Assessment

The fitness assessment evaluations offer an employee the opportunity to evaluate their current level of fitness based on three components: strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance. Integrated Health offers onsite options for obtaining results for employees. Fitness scores are provided and supportive educational materials are included.

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