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Educational Displays

to promote awareness and health and wellness information


IH21 provides tabletop displays to promote awareness and health and wellness information designed to either complement a health fair or screening event; support a “National Health Awareness Month” topic, (such as National Nutrition month in May or Heart Health Month in February); or target an organizations’ specific health goals.

Displays are designed to fit an eight foot table and feature a tri-fold board that displays colorful educational posters and signage. In addition, an interactive piece is included may include food models and objects for participants to handle; flipcharts; samples, etc.

Educational displays can be ordered as a standalone service or can be staffed with a health professional.



Eat This, Not That – To tangibly illustrate, through actual food items bought from fast food restaurants and the grocery store, the healthier food items to purchase.

Eating for Health – Participants learn about recommended foods for optimal nutritional intake, eating a variety of foods, and the best sources for key nutrients. There is a focus on eating a rainbow of colors.

Managing Your Heart Risk – Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in the U.S. This display focuses on educating the -participant on heart disease risks and ways to prevent or control risks.

Superfoods – Antioxidants – To serve as an informative display to educate on the health benefits of certain foods (defined as super foods) in lowering disease risk. This display offers physical display of foods rich in anti-oxidants, soy, fiber, nuts, tea, calcium and more.

Bone Health – This exhibit presents the risk factors, effects, testing, and prevention of osteoporosis. A component on the importance of exercise is included.

Portion Distortion – Portions sizes have gotten bigger over the past 20 years, and so are Americans. This display serves to demonstrate -appropriate portion sizes by using interactive tools including portion plates, food models and common objects.

Exercise & Fitness – This exhibit teaches goal setting, the components of fitness, and how to exercise safely.

Tools of the Trade – To serve as an informative display to educate and explain the components of a good exercise program and ways to accomplish this with home based equipment.

Weight Management – This exhibit focuses on the health risks of obesity, the health benefits of proper diet and exercise, healthy eating, weight loss, and maintenance of proper weight.

Blood Pressure – This exhibit focuses on the dangers of high blood pressure, its complications and symptoms, routine blood pressure testing, and the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Cholesterol – This exhibit focuses on the role of cholesterol in the body, and how healthy lifestyles can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Diabetes – This exhibit describes diabetes, its risk factors, treatment, and prevention, and explains how healthy lifestyles can reduce the risk of diabetes.

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