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Educational Seminars

When individuals are informed, they take more responsibility

Educational Awareness Seminars

Educational Seminars

Educational seminars are interactive and designed to present an informative practical path to achieving optimal health.  Many employers choose to offer educational seminars at lunchtime when employees can bring their lunch.  Seminars can be held in conjunction with a health screen or on a stand-alone basis. Conducted by qualified health professionals, seminars are typically one (1) hour in duration including questions and answer session and are available onsite or via webinar.

Benefits for the Employer

  • Professional presenters encourage healthy behavior changes that have been shown to increase productivity and reduce absenteeism.
  • Choose from a variety of topics to meet the interest of your employees
  • Presentations can be offered at multiple locations
  • Small amount of down time when sessions are offered onsite
  • Marketing materials are available to announce the program

Benefits for the Employee

  • Employee gains knowledge of health topics of interest
  • No travel from workplace
  • Question and answer sessions following each presentation enable employees to get answers to their questions




More topics available upon request.

Nutrition Services – Counseling, Educational Seminars and Cooking Classes

Integrated Health offers a variety of nutrition based services through our partner specialized in nutrition services. We can deliver onsite services including one on one nutrition counseling, educational presentations, cooking classes and nutrition/weight management challenges. We take an interactive structured approach to food and nutrition education. Presented in a program format that considers the target population, our concepts are based on current research and trends in food and nutrition. Contact Integrated Health to learn more about our nutrition program offerings.

Integrated Health