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Health Coaching

Health Coaching Programs provide awareness, education and support for individuals with risk factors, such as tobacco use, obesity, high blood pressure and high stress who are working toward better health. ICH offers individualized one on one consultation or group programs that can be in form of a brief format, a full consultation or extend to a full coaching model.

Benefits of Health Screening Coaching Service

  • Screening results can help detect chronic illness it its early stage –giving participants an opportunity to identify health risks that otherwise may not be apparent.
  • The “teachable moment” immediately following the screen, provides the participant with a better understand of their test results and how they can improve their health through lifestyle change.
  • Integrated Health can work with clients to direct participants to the client’s designated programs and services designed to improve health and promote lifestyle change.
  • High risk participants can be identified and can be recommended for the client’s ongoing health coaching program or the client specific wellness solution.
  • Option to have screening results mailed to the participant’s Primary Care Physician.
  • Provides high risk participants with immediate referral directing them to seek follow up medical attention.
  • Flexible including onsite and telephonic options.



Onsite, Online or by Phone

Benefits of Integrated Health’s Health Coaching program

  • Designed to help your employees make small changes that will lead to lasting success. Coaches support and encourage people to set short and long term goals; create action plans and develop strategies in order to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Offered onsite and takes place right in the workplace by appointment in an area designated for such purpose.
  • Provides participant with a certified health coach that come from a variety of clinical backgrounds including: registered nurses, dieticians, exercise physiologists and health educators with coaching certifications.
  • The same coach stays with the employee throughout all of their sessions so they can receive one-on-one guidance and personal attention they need to:
    • Manage their weight
    • Become more physically active
    • Quit smoking or using tobacco
    • Manage stress
    • Develop healthy eating habit



Program includes:

  • Promotional presentation and marketing materials
  • Personal discussion of health and wellness information
  • Personalized coaching tools including diet and exercise trackers
    • Educational Materials
    • Reporting and surveys

One on One ONSITE Health Coaching Model:

  • Month Program(can be combined with telephonic calls)Initial Onsite Visit plus 3 visit/call Follow Up sessions
  • Telephonic make-up sessions
  • Includes 3 month access to Health Essentials, Integrated Health’s interactive health management website

Combined Group Educational session followed by brief individual session

Group education is designed to present participants with key health education and behavior change topics designed to support participants in adopting optimal health and wellness. Individual sessions immediately following the educational session provides an opportunity for the participant to ask questions and gain information and support from a certified health coach about their specific health goals.

Supporting components include:

  • Paper Scheduling – supported by ICH customer reps
  • Planning sessions
  • Ongoing communication with site contact
  • Educational Materials
  • Promotional materials
  • Reporting and surveys

Combined Health Seminar and Brief Individual Coaching Program

  • Educational Seminar (4 – 6 presentations)
  • Individual Educational Session
  • One on One Health Coaching Options (Onsite or telephonic), Progress Checks (add on to 3 month program), 15 or 30 minute coaching sessions
  • Single Session Health Coaching (30 minute sessions recommended)
  • Health Coaching Policy: Staffing (minimum of 4 hours), travel fee may apply
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