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Health Management Services


Integrated Health 21 is a national provider of coordinated health management programs and services. We offer a variety of valuable services addressing health management goals from identifying health risks, to educating on prevention and self-care that moves people toward healthier lifestyles and better management of chronic conditions.

Founded in 2009, Integrated Health serves clients of all sizes across the United States. Our programs are customizable and provide a full range of options, from a tailored selection to full turnkey programs with excellent service. Services are provided by a multi-disciplinary team of health professionals that specialize in health promotion.

Our Health Management Services include:



Incentive Management
The key to success of any wellness program is participation. Incentives encourage participants to adopt positive health behaviors to ultimately improve or maintain health. Providing incentives and rewards will send an important message to the workers that your organization is committed to helping them with bettering their health. It also plays a meaningful role in motivating a person to participate, to complete a wellness program, or change or adhere to healthy behaviors.



Biometric Health Screenings
Biometric health screenings are an important component of a comprehensive health management program. Health screenings help employees learn about their current health status and identify health risks and disease conditions that could lead to illness and serious disease. While some employees may know areas of their health that can be improved, many employees don’t even know their health is at risk.

Health Risk Assessments

Health Risk Assessments (HRA)
Health Assessments provide the opportunity for individuals to discover their own individual health status; and for an organization to gather aggregate group data regarding the health risks of an organization (without revealing individual health data).   We offer health risk assessments (HRA) through Health Essentials (our e-based health management tool).



Quality Data Management
Integrated Health 21’s clients depend on us to safely handle employee data and we have invested in our technology platform so we can connect with participants, track program registrations, conduct biometric screening programs, flu clinics, generate reports, and manage data. Integrated Health 21 turns health biometrics into meaningful information, and then offers actionable options for health improvement—both at the individual and population levels.

Integrated Health