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Health Risk Assessments (HRA)


Health Risk Assessments

Health Assessments provide the opportunity for individuals to discover their own individual health status; and for an organization to gather aggregate group data regarding the health risks of an organization (without revealing individual health data).   We offer health risk assessments (HRA) through Health Essentials (our e-based health management tool).


Insight® Health Risk Assessment (HRA) Tool – Integrated Health 21 utilizes the RiskCalc® Health Risk Assessment, powered by Health Fitness Corporation. The assessment uses the risk equation and norms from the Centers for Disease Control to evaluate lifestyle choices for exercise, nutrition, stress, tobacco, alcohol, safety, preventative exams and self-care as well as mortality risk from cancer, accidents and heart disease.  In addition, this tool evaluates readiness to change and is NCQA and HIPAA compliant.  The HRA is available in both paper and online formats.

Benefits of the HRA for Employers

HRA aggregate Group Report*

  • Provides summary demographic, biometric lifestyle and risk information
  • Reports top medical conditions and medications
  • Presents the most prevalent risks in an organization
  • Identifies stage of change/risk status
  • Includes comparisons to Health Fitness data and National norms
  • Demonstrates excess cost associated with excess risk
  • Available within 30-45 days from completion of all HRA’s

*ICH can customize the aggregate group report to include measured biometric data obtained in a health screening

Benefits of the HRA for Employees

The online Insight® Health Risk Assessment is linked with our Health Essentials eHealth platform. Through Health Essentials, an employee can get personalized and private access to the HRA and additional programming from anywhere with internet access. Employees will receive an extensive, easy to read personalized health risk report. This report is a concise summary of the participant’s reported personal medical and family histories and health status information including healthy action plans tailored to the individual. The individual health risk report is immediately available upon completion of the questionnaire.

In addition to Insight® Health Risk Assessment (HRA) Tool, Integrated Health 21 offers additional resources to improve employee health through Health Essentials including: eHealth platform and Empowered™ health coaching.


eHealth Platform– offers a complete set of health promotion tools and interactive educational materials, designed to streamline the employee health management program. It will assist participants in achieving their personal health goals. With internet access, the eHealth platform may be used anywhere in the world. Features include:

  • Health Home Page
  • Tips of the Day
  • Cool Tools- health calculators for determining a variety of health improvement options
  • Health Trackers- personal health tracking tool
  • Family Health Guide
  • Ask the Expert


Insight® Heart, Nutrition, Fitness and Health Risk Assessments – easy to understand, participant receives a personalized report that includes a concise summary and targeted health information immediately upon completing the assessment.


EMPOWERED™ Health Coaching – Health Coaches use various behavior change theories throughout interactions with participants. Participants learn to incorporate and apply:

  • Strategies and solutions to internal and external barriers
  • Resources received through the program
  • Resources available through their work, physician and community
  • Other sources of information and support identified by each participant
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