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Data Management and Reporting

Managing Individual and Population Data


Integrated Health 21’s clients depend on us to safely handle employee data and we have invested in our technology platform so we can connect with participants, track program registrations, conduct biometric screening programs, flu clinics, generate reports, and manage data. Integrated Health 21 turns health biometrics into meaningful information, and then offers actionable options for health improvement—both at the individual and population levels


Protecting health information is our primary concern for Integrated Health 21.  From monitoring participation to reporting on outcomes-based incentives, we are able to provide you information about employee compliance with your wellness program.

We have systems in place to ensure employee and client data is secure, private and remains confidential.  Integrated Health 21 employs a data team experienced in providing secure data transmissions to third parties such other wellness providers.  We collect information from eligibility files, biometric health screenings, incentive/rewards programs, and other wellness initiatives, and then provide a secure interchange of this information to third parties such as health plans, benefit administrators, and other wellness providers.

Integrated Health 21 is also required by state and federal laws to protect the confidentiality of health information to meet HIPAA, Privacy and Security rules.

Ipad Application

Integrated Health 21’s tablet functionality includes event management tools, automatic data matching, information security and HIPPA compliance ensuring an improved on-site participant screening experience.


Once a biometric screening is launched our Program Management Dashboard enables our clients to monitor screening and event information, launch program communications, establish incentives and rewards, run reports, and make program adjustments

Features of Integrated Health 21 program management scheduling tool:

  • Super User access for a designated representative to view, track, and print registration reports in real time.  Additionally, documents can be securely shared between Integrated Health 21 and the designated representative via this access.
  • Customized page set up to include:
  • Company Logo
  • Program or Company Description/Overview
  • Ability to imbed links to instruction pages or other web pages
  • Appointment reminder e-mail that is customizable by date, frequency, and content.
  • A toll free phone number is provided for those participants that would like to register by phone. 
  • Calls are received by Integrated Health 21’s Customer Service Representatives in Pittsburgh, PA.

Reporting Capabilities

Integrated Health 21 turns health biometrics into meaningful information, and then offers actionable options for health improvement—both at the individual and population levels

Integrated Health generates specialized reports:

Individual Participant Report – participants receive biometric test results and lab reports to learn about their health risks

Population Aggregate Report – highlights participation and identifies major health risks within a population, broken down according to location, gender, age, and other parameters. BioIQ Aggregate Reports provide a detailed assessment of the health of your population so you can identify opportunities for improvement. These comprehensive reports enable HR managers to pinpoint risk factors and make necessary adjustments to their health and wellness programs.

Health Risk Assessment reports – his Aggregate Group Report summarizes and highlights health risk assessment results and can be used to provide direction for future programming tailored to the needs of the population

Lifestyle Incentive Reports

Participation Reports

Health Coaching Encounter Reports.

Year-over-Year Trend Reports – verify health status improvement and stabilization within the population, helping you to compute an accurate return-on-investment (ROI) for health and wellness expenditures

Integrated Health 21 offers a proprietary web-based scheduling portal designed to make scheduling and participation tracking for onsite biometric screening services quick and easy.

Registration Portal

Integrated Health’s registration portal is a perfect scheduling tool for your next biometric screening, offsite lab, health fair, educational program or flu shot clinic. The portal allows participants to visit a website specifically designed for your company to schedule, re-schedule, or cancel appointments in minutes. The website can be customized with your company logo, contact information, event details and relevant documents.

Benefits of Integrated health registration portal

  • Convenient way to schedule via computer at home or at work
  • Provides ability to monitor registration in real time
  • Participants receive immediate confirmation and reminder emails
  • Ability for participants to add appointments to Outlook
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