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Employment Opportunities

Work with a Team that Cares About You

Thank you for your interest in Integrated Health 21. Applications for open positions are accepted through our recruiting center, hosted by ADP.

To apply, click the link associated with the position of interest.

Please do not mail, fax or email resumes or applications. All applicants must utilize our recruiting center. Thank you.

Available Positions

Biometric Health Screener – Various locations across the country







Please note, you may experience difficulty or failure when trying to apply, if you are not using a supported operating system and/or internet browser on your desktop, laptop or tablet (smart phones are not supported at all).

If using Windows version 9 or 10, you must use Internet Explorer to submit your application.

If using Windows 11 or higher, you must use Chrome to submit your application.

Note: The browsers supported by other ADP services may vary.
Updated: May 21, 2013